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Establishing the standard for sleep technology since 2017 or 2018


    At the forefront of sleep and technology, we are setting the standard: leading the way for sustainable growth through exploring the ways that sleep technology can help us live better lives.


    Founded on the idea to create a holistic and transparent standard for efforts in sleep technology, we are working for that mission. From the 12 standard committees from ISSTA, we are taking you through the ways that sleep technology can impact your life: Sleep and Wellness Apps to a Sleep Health Framework for Society to Infrastructure for Smart Cities. From these committees, we are starting the efforts that we aspire will yield results that can help you live a longer and more healthy life.



Industry 01

Characterization of Bio-signals for Sleep and Health Technology

MRI 掃描圖像

Industry 02

 Quality of Data from Sleep and Health Related Bio-signals Monitoring (including medical instruments and non-medical devices, including, but not limited to wearable technology)


Industry 03

Quality of Sleep, Health and Wellness applications (Apps) and underlying algorithm, including big data analysis, IoT, blockchain, blockchain IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI) with its extension


Industry 04

Standards on Information Provision Assisting Sleep-Related Life Style


Industry 05

Sleep, Health and Wellness Framework for Community


Industry 06

Standards for Sleep & Health-related Medical Instruments


Industry 07

Sleep, Health and Wellness Technology Infrastructure for Smart City

Organizing Test Tubes

Industry 08

Standards for Detection and Analysis of Fatigue Level (including Sleepy Drivers and Fatigue workers)


Industry 09

The Standards of Sleep and Health-related Environments


Industry 10

Risk Assessment for Errors of Sleep, Health and Wellness Technology Monitoring


Industry 11

Standards for Instruments and Environment of Sleep Labs


Industry 12

Risk Assessment / Management for Errors of Sleep, Health and Wellness Technology Monitoring

Our Recent News

Our best and brightest have begun drafting the 10 committee white papers. These will be introducing the fields and the efforts to start off the processes that can work to further these fields going forward.


Why you should care about the 10 committees:

Sleep is affecting everyone in society. Our efforts aspire to create synergy between various efforts in the sleep tech space, while introducing the ways that sleep technology can help you live longer and healthier With our efforts, medical researchers, organizations and companies can develop high-class solutions that will bring economic growth and a more healthy society overall.

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