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Recent Planning & Activities of ISSTA 2013/03

After we organized the 1st Executive Meeting of ISSTA (International Sleep Science & Technology Association) in Paris last Sept. 6th, we've been engaging in some activities, including:

1. Proposing Sleep Technology Agenda for APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Corporation)

2. Proposing the Sleep Medicine & Technology Education & Research Infrastructure of European Commission ( by ISSTA, together with ESRS (European Sleep Research Society)

3. After discussion with the CEO and Chief Editor of the NY-based Huffington Post, Mrs. Arianna Huffington, we're preparing to organize the "Sleep Science & Technology Column" starting from May, 2013.

4. Editing the first textbook in the new field "Modern Sleep Technology", the "Introduction to Modern Sleep Technology" which has been published by Springer, the Netherlands the end of 2012. Please see the official website for this book -

5. Planning a new academic journal "Sleep Science & Technology" with Springer in 2014. This Journal would be the official journal of ISSTA.

6. Establishing the roadmap of the Global Sleep Technology Industry & Economy.

Please stay tuned for more updates!

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