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IEEE EMBC’16 in Orlando.

August, 2016, President Chiang and Immediate Past President Penzel were

invited to ”The 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering

in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’16)” to chair sympoia and to give

lectures on sleep science and technology. In this conference, President

Chiang also presented on the “Global Sleep Technology Standards

Establishment” which still attracts attention and results in discussion among

the participants during recent weeks. During this period, Dr. Chiang

successfully exchanged point of views with most of the participants and

companies from the industry, including Medtronic which is one of the leading

medical instrument companies rooted in U.S. and Quanta Computer lnc,

which is a globally known company from Taiwan. They achieved consensus on

the sleep technology standards. According to the conclusion, the ISSTA is

preparing to form 10 committees on:

1. Characterization of Bio-signals for Sleep Technology

2. Quality for Sleep-Related Bio-signals monitoring (including Wearable


3. Quality of Sleep Health and Wellness Apps

4. Standards on Information Provision Assisting Sleep-Related Life Style

5. Sleep Health Framework for Community

6. Sleep Technology Framework for Smart Wellness Park

7. Sleep Technology Infrastructure for Smart Cities

8. The Standards for Detection and Analysis of Fatigue Level

9. The Standards of Sleep Environment

10. Risk Assessment for Errors of Sleep Technology Monitoring

Dr. Chiang hoped this critical international communication can create

opportunities for future collaboration between academia, industry, including

the members from International Sleep Science and Technology Association

(ISSTA, Berlin Headquarter, Taiwan Chapter, Turkish

Hub, and also members from the Sleep Technology Consortium (STC) under MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) of Taiwan government, including Quanta Computer lnc., ASUS Inc., Compal Electronics Inc., Wistron Inc., AIQ Smart Clothing Inc., Zoetek Inc. …etc. In addition, Dr. Chiang has been invited to be the chief editor of the very big project - “Handbook Series of Health and Wellness Industry” from the

most prestigious publisher- Springer - in the world, which might be able to

facilitate this “Global Sleep Technology Standards Establishment.

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