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Hot off the press: Articles about ISSTA Sleep Technology Industry Forum held on March 18, 2013 (China Post, Taiwan News, Focus Taiwan)

Sleep tech forum awakens in TaipeiCNAMarch 19, 2013, 12:46 am TWN

TAIPEI -- A sleep technology industry forum is being held Monday for the first time in Taipei that will focus on new and emerging technologies that can assist in preventing sleep disorders.

The goal of this forum is to “raise awareness about the importance of sleep” and to “improve the quality of sleep,” said Tony Hu, honorary president of the International Sleep Science Technology Association (ISSTA), which is organizing the event.

“The growth of advanced sleep technology research has been accelerated in the past few years,” Hu told a press conference to introduce the forum. “There is so much progress we would like to share.”

During the forum that will last half a day, Sharon Keenan, director of Stanford University's School of Sleep Medicine, will deliver a speech titled “The Technological Side of Sleep Medicine: Past, Present, Future,” according to the ISSTA.

Hans Van Dongen, a research professor at Washington State University's Sleep and Performance Research Center, will also discuss how to facilitate intellectual property transfer from academia to the industry in the sleep technology field, the association said.

Chiang Ping-ying, secretary-general of the ISSTA, said at the press conference that the association plans to build a certification laboratory for sleep aid products to help the public identify which products can really improve their quality of sleep.

In addition to possible sites in Germany and the United States, the planned laboratory could be located in Taiwan if the government provides necessary support for the project, Chiang said.

He noted that some Taiwanese technology companies such as Foxconn Technology Group and BenQ Corp. have expressed interest in tapping the sleep technology industry, which is seen as another driver to boost growth.

Founded in 2012 in Berlin, the ISSTA is aimed at integrating various disciplines in sleep medicine and science and combining modern research with emerging technologies to further raise the education levels for sleep medicine.

The global market revenue for sleeping aids is estimated to reach US$33.2 billion in 2014, according to a study conducted by BCC Research, a publisher of technology market research reports.


Above article from The China Post:

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