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Recent Activities of ISSTA 2013/08


ISSTA Secretary General Dr. Rayleigh Ping-Ying Chiang had just ended his trip to the United States visiting universities and companies regarding the development of sleeping technologies and to launch new research project in the states.

1.     Visiting for professorship in University of Washington, Seattle and an invited lecture in University of California, San Francisco.

2.     Dr. Rayleigh Ping-Ying Chiang had also attended important meetings with the high rank officers in UL ( Philips in Chicago about the Sleep Technology field standard establishment.

3.     ISSTA is launching a new research project in University of Washington, Seattle Campus.

4.     The "Psychology Progress" featured ISSTA's book chapter "The Scope of Modern Sleep Technology" (, raising awareness of the importance of sleeping technologies; 


This chapter provides a brief introduction with regards to sleep technology and strives to raise awareness about its importance. With respect to the history of sleep technology, it is found that the sleep medicine has continued to develop over a period and has gradually evolved over the years. Based on recent advances and related research, a new definition of sleep technology will be proposed. This definition emphasizes a broader scope of study when compared with conventional sleep technology. Based on this definition a number of developed categories which are the core contents of this book are summarized. Finally, we provide examples for sleep environments and sleep models to demonstrate the impact of sleep technology. Recent research has proven that the limitations of conventional sleep medicine might be improved upon by applying the appropriate technology and interdisciplinary cooperation which is indeed the future of sleep research.”----- Look into the website for more details.


Please stay tuned for more updates!

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