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12 Committees for Standards:

1. Characterization of Bio-signals for Sleep and Health Technology
2. Quality of Data from Sleep and Health Related Bio-signals Monitoring (including medical instruments and non-medical device, including, but not limited to wearable technology)
3. Quality of Sleep, Health and Wellness applications (Apps) and underlying algorithm, including big data analysis, IoT, blockchain, blockchain IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI) with its extension
4. Standards on Information Provision Assisting Sleep-Related Life Style
5. Sleep, Health and Wellness Framework for Community
6. Standards for Sleep & Health-related Medical Instruments
7. Sleep, Health and Wellness Technology Infrastructure for Smart City
8. Standards for Detection and Analysis of Fatigue Level (including Sleepy Drivers and Fatigue workers)
9. The Standards of Sleep and Health-related Environments
10. Standards for Sleep Professional Training 
11. Standards for Instruments and Environment of Sleep Labs  
12. Risk Assessment/Management for Errors of Sleep, Health and Wellness Technology Monitoring
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